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The Bunited is a legit company operating in Los Angeles. We are a house of professionals who have undergone extensive training and practice to ensure that we deliver quality services. We offer interior and exterior painting, furniture or decorations, repairs and installations and locks repair and replacement.
Customer satisfaction is our priority while ensuring that the cost is low. We are available 24/7 regardless of the service you would like us to offer. Being aware that most of our services require punctuality-, we ensure that within no time your service is being delivered. We are here for our customers because they are here for us.

About us




Furniture is one of the most important aspects in an interior whether domestic or commercial. However to have good furniture you need to have a reliable source. At Bunited, we have professional designers who will provide you with high-quality furniture which not only range in variety but also in material. Repair of furniture is an important service we deliver as some of our customers do not require new furniture. In addition, we provide decoration services anywhere you need may. Offering a guide on a house furniture planning or arrangement is an example of what we deliver. Our designers will give you the best as they are thoroughly trained for the job. Our cost is pocket-friendly and we ensure service excellence



Once you have experienced something wrong in one or more of your properties, you will definitely require them to be fixed as soon as possible. The Bunited, with our qualified workers, will ensure that this happens very fast. Our technicians are not only professions but also open to customers. This gives customers the opportunity to consult whenever they want. Installations such as roofs and gutters among others are already available. Our plumber’s, roofers who will in additionally be there for waterproofing are the best. Any alterations of the wall will be dealt with by the plasterers who are also skilled in building and construction. We ensure pocket-friendly pricing
We deliver custom solutions while providing professional advice on all home maintenance projects. To us, the customer deserves priority



In order for homes to look nice and attractive, painting is essential. Roof painting prevents corrosion making the roof to last longer. However, you require someone to do a quality painting for you. Not every technician in the street is qualified to deliver professional painting. The reason for hiring a professional painter is the quality assurance that comes with this wise decision.  Therefore, it is clear that having a good painter is almost all you require to have you 100% satisfaction. Our work at Bunited is to ensure that we provide you with well-trained and experienced painters.
Different customers prefer different designs of painting with others having unique specifications. Our painters are equipped with a variety of painting skills and are very creative as now and then we come up with new ones. We ensure the painting is completed within the given timelines. We are available 24 hours every day to ensure customer satisfaction



Keeping the house locked is very essential for our own safety and that of our property. Therefore proper installation of locks is required o ensure that it is reliable. Many buildings are being broken into lately due to offering jobs to passers-by in the name of technicians who barely qualify to do the job. Every client needs a professional worker who will ensure the lock is put in place correctly with no guesswork. At Bunited Handyman service, we have qualified technicians who will ensure that quality work is delivered. Our technicians have gone through training and have done a variety of jobs to ensure we send the best technicians to our customers.
Losing the keys or misplacing them, which of course does not mean you are careless, occurs commonly. This should not prevent you from entering your house or take you to the extent of breaking into your own house through the window. Our professionals will ensure proper entry of your house through proper disengagement of the locks. Our cost is very favorable and we are accessible any day regardless of time. We will be at your home within no time after you contact us

Bunited Handyman Service is here to ensure you get the services you need to your satisfaction. We are open for consultation in our offices


Favorable cost

We ensure that we put our customers a priority by making sure our cost is very low


You can access us 24/7 regardless of the service you would like us to offer you. We make sure that we reach your home very soon after contacting us.

High-quality professions

Our technicians undergo regular training to ensure they are equipped with knowledge of modern devices and make sure they provide excellent work. We do not work by luck.